Frequently Asked Questions

People often feel unhappy about how their life is going, they may not be getting on well with their partner, family members or friends, work may be stressful, and they may notice a range of unpleasant psychological and physical symptoms like insomnia, worrying non-stop, heart racing, not feeling like getting up in the morning, having nothing to look forward to and many others. You may notice that you are starting to feel increasingly anxious and depressed and that it is getting harder and harder to feel relaxed, happy or at peace with yourself or others.

Life certainly seems to be becoming busier and busier these days and we often have to stretch ourselves in a thousand ways to do our work well and look after our families and friends, which often leaves us feeling mentally, physically and spiritually drained. Sometimes we scarcely know who we are any more.

For these reasons and many others, many people may find it helpful to consult with a psychologist to clarify issues, improve their coping styles and enhance their quality of life.

In the psychologist’s room, all of your concerns can be discussed confidentially and in a relaxed environment. Together we can plan the best way to treat any symptoms that you may have or to work through any issues that you may wish to discuss.

We will look for ways for you to achieve a better balance in your life and to start to enjoy your life more. We will explore the issues in your life that are causing you to suffer. We will develop strategies that you will be using to help you to manage whatever is bothering you. People often find that talking things through with an understanding person outside of their own life really helps them to find the solutions or the peace that they are seeking. They can get back on track towards finding the road that leads them to fulfilment on a personal and spiritual level.

That depends on your policy and the type of service. Every health fund is different so it’s best to talk to them. If you claim a Medicare benefit you cannot also claim on private health insurance for the gap.

On average, we see people for six to ten 50 minute sessions to work through their problems, but sometimes fewer or more sessions are required. This is because people are unique and complex individuals who present with very different issues and have their own way and their own pace of finding out what they need to know.

In our practice we see a range of clients. For example, clients may be referred by their doctor, the Victims Compensation Tribual, the Vietnam Veteran’s Counselling Service, rehabilitation providers, workers’ compensation insurers, third party insurers or solicitors. Some people refer themselves or may have heard from a friend that counseling has been useful.

While we work with a broad range of clients, the most common problem areas include the assessment and treatment of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress disorder and chronic pain, stress at work or home, and behavioural problems in children.
In addition, sometimes people present with relationship issues or they need to work through the intense pain of grief and loss. Sometimes people simply want to understand themselves better and explore the connections between various parts of their lives.
At our practice, psychological/legal reports are also prepared on request.

You do not need a referral to make an appointment, however with a doctors referral you may be entitled to a rebate from Medicare.

That depends on who you are seeing and the type of service required. Please call our reception and we’ll gladly answer.

If you have a doctor’s referral you may be entitled to a Medicare rebate. The amount of the rebate will depend on the type of referral from the doctor.

Yes it is, we do not disclose any information to anyone without your permission.

Clients will normally notice change in their symptoms after only a few sessions especially if they are engaging in their therapy and following through with recommended actions.

Through counselling psychologists use proven strategies to help you learn the skills to cope with the psychological issues that concern you. Psychiatrists are medically trained doctors specialising in mental health and as such can prescribe medication.

Yes we can for all sorts of purposes. Please contact our office for more details.

Now that’s a great question! These days there is no negative stigma about seeking help for any issues that concern you. Why would you continue to try and battle through by yourself when there are highly trained and skilled psychologists who can help you quickly? We help people from all walks of life, most people walk into our rooms concerned or unhappy and walk out smiling. It does work.