Recommended Helpful Resources

A list of psychology resources, books, CDs and websites that will support you on your journey of growth and well-being.


  • Dr Russ Harris “The Happiness Trap: Stop Struggling, Start Living” 2007
  • Dr Russ Harris and Bev Aisbett “The Happiness Trap Pocketbook 2013
  • Don Miguel Ruiz “The Four Agreements” 1997
  • Olivier Clerc “The Gift of Forgiveness”, 2010
  • Ulrich E. Dupree “Ho’oponopono” 2013
  • Bob Burg and John David Mann “The Go-Giver” 2007
  • Bob Burg and John David Mann “It’s not about you” 2011
  • Sarah Napthali “Buddhism for Mothers” 2003
  • Sarah Napthali “Buddhism for Mothers of School Age Children”
  • Sarah Napthali “Buddhism for Mothers with lingering Questions” 2007
  • Eckhart Tolle “The Power of Now” 2004
  • Jon Kabat-Zin “Lose your Mind and come to your Senses”
  • Duane Alley “Seven Secrets of Abundant Energy”
  • George Faddoul & Tony Lawder “How to get a bigger bite out of life”
  • Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist”



  • Dr Russ Harris – Mindfulness Skills Volume 1
  • Dr Russ Harris – Mindfulness Skills Volume 2
  • Dr Jon Kabat-Zin – Mindfulness for Beginners


  • Duane Alley ‘Peace & Balance Meditation”
  • Holosync Immersion
  • Doreen Virtue “Chakra Cleansing Meditation morning”

Help with Sleeping

  • Doreen Virtue “Chakra Cleansing Meditation evening”
  • Holosync Restful Night
  • Duane Alley ‘Peace & Balance Meditation”
  • Dr Morrowitz “Sleep Better without Drugs”


Any web search for “depression”, “anxiety”, “mental health” “moods” etc will come up with a huge number of sites with plenty of information. Always be very careful of the information you read online as the sources can often be untrustworthy and nothing is better than working face to face with your own qualified medical professionals, GP’s, Psychologist and Psychiatrists who can get to know you personally and give you specific assistance.

The following is a list of verified Australian websites that can provide some great information and resources.
Probably the best known Australian website covering issues arounddepression.
An Australian government funded site giving on-line information and resources about a wide range of mental health issues.

An online training program to help prevent or cope with symptoms of depression.

An Australian government funded site giving on-line assessment and treatment options for Anxiety & depression

The official website of the Australian Psychological Society, the membership organisation for qualified psychologists.

NSW Association for Mental Health website giving information, facts and resources for a wide range of mental health issues.
A leading Australian website with information and resources to help with handling depression.