Own Your Life Again

That’s what we do. We want you to be in control of your life, to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, to be whoever it is you want to be. You have the power within you to be successful, we can help you unlock your potential and take control of your life, no matter what has happened to you in the past.

Since 1996 the team at Hunter Psychology has been helping people from throughout the region, Maitland, Newcastle and the Hunter Valley to overcome those issues that impact on their ability to enjoy their life.

Maybe you’re not sleeping well or you could be feeling anxious about an upcoming event. Do you feel under constant stress or can’t relax?

  • Are you worried about making an important, possibly life changing decision? It could be changing jobs, moving house, getting into or out of a relationship, coming out.
  • Sometimes you just feel down, you’re not doing those things you used to enjoy, everyone around you is getting on your nerves or you often feel sad but don’t know why.
  • Many people suffer significant grief after the passing of someone close or even a family pet.
  • Do you have an uncontrollable fear? It could be of animals, mice, snakes, spiders; maybe you’re afraid of flying but really want to go on that once in a lifetime overseas holiday. Or that biggest one of all Public Speaking!
  • Do you feel overly embarrassed about anything or have guilt that is controlling your life?
  • Are you concerned about your marriage, your relationship with your children, step children or other relatives, would you like to improve those relationships?
  • Have you been bullied at work or school?
  • Are you worried about your children, their moods, their ability to interact with other people, their attitude to school or general behaviour?
  • Have you been the victim of a crime or faced significant stress that is affecting your life now?
  • Would you like to change your behaviour, eating disorders, self harm, weight loss, stop smoking?
  • Do you have issues around sex, your sex life or intimacy, or your sexual identity?
  • Do you find yourself doing or saying things which afterwards you wish you hadn’t?
  • Do you catch yourself saying negative things about yourself either to yourself or to others?
  • Are you worried that your life or lifestyle isn’t quite ‘normal’?

Professional Psychologists and therapists can help with all of these and many other issues you or those close to you face in day to day life. If you’re reading this, now is the time to take a step that will help improve the rest of your life.

We work with children (from school age up), adolescents, teenagers, and adults through to the elderly, as well as couples.

Our people are all qualified and experienced in their fields, they listen to you, understand what it is you really want and then work with you to find the strategies that will work for you. We do not judge you, do not preach to you. We accept you for who you are.

All you need is to truly want to change within yourself, we can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, but when you are ready to take back control of your life we can help you and show you the way.

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